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Become a Hero for Herps: Join SDHS's Reptile and Amphibian Fosters! 

At the San Diego Herpetological Society (SDHS), we are dedicated to rescuing and rehoming reptiles and amphibians in need. But we can't do it alone - we need compassionate and experienced fosters to help us provide the best care and support for these amazing creatures.

If you're a standing member of SDHS with a deep passion for herpetology and experience in caring for reptiles and amphibians, we invite you to consider becoming a foster. Fostering is a rewarding opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of rescued herps.

We often require fosters for a variety of species, including snake fosters for ball pythons, boas, and corn snakes/kingsnakes, as well as lizard fosters for mainly leopard geckos and bearded dragons. Additionally, we always welcome experienced keepers who can provide expert care for large snakes, lizards, or turtles.

As a foster, you will receive all the necessary support and resources to care for your fostered herp. Rescued animals typically come with their own habitats and setups, ensuring they have everything they need to thrive.

If you're interested in becoming a foster, please ensure you have the knowledge and expertise to provide the proper care and support for the species you wish to foster. 

Our adoptions coordinator will guide you through the process and assess your suitability as a foster parent. To begin your journey as a herp foster, please reach out to our adoptions coordinator at adoptions@sdherpsociety.org. 

Share your knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm with us, and together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of these incredible animals.

Thank you for considering fostering a reptile or amphibian in need. Your kindness and dedication can truly make a difference in their lives! 


San Diego Herpetological Society is a Nonprofit Corporation serving the community since 1978.  The SDHS reaches out to everyone with a  passion or curiosity for reptiles, amphibians kept as pets or studied and observed in nature.  Our primary objective is to create a supportive environment for enthusiasts whether a beginner or life-long hobbyist or breeder. We are a membership based organization open to individuals and families with an interest, curiosity or passion for these fascinating creatures


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San Diego Herpetological Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization 

PO Box 503835 San Diego, CA 92150-3835

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