Reptile & Amphibian Adoptables and Rescues

San Diego Herpetological Society is committed to providing rescue services for unwanted reptiles and amphibians.  These services are offered by a dedicated team of VOLUNTEERS who are members in good standing of SDHS.  These individuals take on the responsibility of animal care, rehabilitation and adoption services.  

We do not receive funds from the government or other institutions in offering these services and are totally dependent upon your donations to provide this service.  We do not have a group facility - animals are housed in our private homes.  Because of these constraints, we are not able to take in every animal.  

 Large lizards such as Monitors and Iguanas of all sizes pose a particular challenge both due to experience in caring for these animals and space constraints.  We do have contacts and networks that we can reach out to for support, so please do inquire. If we are unable to accept your relinquishment we will work with individuals needing to re-home animals in a cooperative effort.  

We also have a network of resources specifically for Turtles and Tortoises who can also provide a challenge for space, housing and care as well. You can contact the Turtle and Tortoise Society of San Diego:

Iyou are in need of assistance in placing your animal, please contact our adoption director at   

Note:  We ask that, when relinquishing an animal, you include all caging and supplies along with a monetary donation to help cover the expenses of a veterinary examination and ongoing care.

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What you need to know about fostering an animal for SDHS

We use Husbandry Pro to manage our adoptable reptiles


San Diego Herpetological Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization 

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