About SDHS

San Diego Herpetological Society is a Nonprofit Corporation serving the community since 1978.  The SDHS reaches out to everyone with a  passion or curiosity for reptiles, amphibians kept as pets or studied and observed in nature.  Our primary objective is to create a supportive environment for enthusiasts whether a beginner or life-long hobbyist or breeder. We are a membership based organization open to individuals and families with an interest, curiosity or passion for these fascinating creatures.  Each month we will host a Meet-Up in San Diego on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm.  We meet at 1650 El Prado San Diego CA 92101 Rm 104 in Balboa Park. Club membership is $25 per calendar year, with specials for mid year membership.  Membership is required for participation in field events and Behind the Scenes Tours.  The public is welcome to attend the monthly meet-ups.

SDHS is promoting the study of herpetology in San Diego, increasing the awareness of San Diego's herpetofauna through outreach & education, promoting the use of citizen science, enhancing herpetological knowledge, providing opportunities for members to learn about San Diego herpetofauna, encouraging responsible and informed herpetoculutre, organizing a community of individuals interested in amphibians and reptiles both wild & pets, promoting the conservation of all wildlife in general and of herpetofauna in particular whenever and wherever possible, and achieving a closer cooperation & understanding between amateur and professional herpetologists, so they may work together for the common cause of science. 

Our Commitment to Rescue

San Diego Herpetological Society is committed to providing rescue services for unwanted reptiles and amphibians.  These services are offered by a dedicated team of VOLUNTEERS who are members in good standing of SDHS.  These individuals take on the responsibility of animal care, rehabilitation and adoption services.  We do not receive funds from government or other institutions in offering these services and are totally dependent upon your donations to provide this service.  We do not have a group facility - animals are housed in our private homes.  Because of these constraints, we are not able to take in every animal.  Iguanas of all sizes pose a particular challenge both due to experience in caring for these animals and space constraints.  If we are unable to accept your relinquishment we will work with individuals needing to re-home animals in a cooperative effort.  Please contact our adoption director at:  JohnB@SDHerpSociety.org if you are in need assistance in placing your animal.  Note:  We do ask that when relinquishing an animal you include all caging and supplies along with a monetary donation to help cover the expenses of veterinary examination and ongoing care.

Please support our rescue and rehabilitation efforts by making a donation today!